Likeable characters

What makes characters likeable? (WIP)

 e.g. rocky balboa liked his turtles and made stupid jokes with the awkward girl at the pet store
arya stark being grossed out by sansa wanting to be married. “seven hells!”
lorelai and her coffee addiction
what makes you join a character’s corner
rocky losing his locker
people killing fucking direwolves
Tywin Lannister – got his hands dirty cleaning the stag he killed. Treated Arya with surprising amount of kindness
Tyrion – Having a soft spot for bastards and broken things. Sense of humor. Dirty jokes. Casual disregard for decorum and epaulettes.
Sam Seaborne – his defense of Ainsley Haines
Kronk (Emperor’s New Groove) – made spinach puffs, was generally good natured and fun
Terry Crews in Brooklyn Nine Nine
Davos Seaworth – Tried to do the right thing
Garrus Vakarian – total bro
Mr. Rogers – kind, gentle, genuine – when he got frustrated with technical issues and delays, he would play the piano fiercely
Samwise Gamgee – “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you”
Aaron Paul’s character in Breaking Bad
Atticus Finch
12 Angry Men guy
Jed Bartlett –
Forrest Gump – resiliently innocent/genuine. Similar character to Viktor Navorski, and Rocky
Ralph from Wreck-it Ralph

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