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Cause and effect
Human beings live in the same universe as electrons and galaxies, and are all governed by the same cause-and-effect rules and relationships.
Chemicals in your brain
Everything you’re experiencing is really a simulation of the mind, which is made up of grey matter, gooey bits and so on. There’s some additional complexity – the nervous system reaches into your hands and body, and there’s a symbiotic relationship there, so changing your body / state can help you change your mind. (This is useful.)
But the underlying thing to note is that there’s nothing particularly mystical about any of it. Cravings, risk appetites, a desire for danger, your feelings towards your parents, what turns you on – all of it is a function of the configuration of your brain. In the future, neuroscience will continue to map out more and more of this.
We are fundamentally social creatures.
A lot of what you’ve learnt is wrong
People aren’t incentivized to tell you the truth, even if they know it (which they seldom do). They’re incentivized to tell you what’s convenient, or what’s easy, or what they think you should hear, or want to hear.
Parents don’t tell you the truth.
Teachers don’t tell you the truth.
Friends don’t tell you the truth.
Law enforcement doesn’t tell you the truth.
The State doesn’t tell you the truth.
This blogpost doesn’t tell you the truth.
The truth is something you will have to discern for yourself in a piecemeal and provisional fashion.
It’s criminal how we’ve miseducated ourselves (Munger, Dalio say similar things)


Everything is vague to a degree you do not realise (Russell)
Be ruthless about who you listen to, what you allow to enter your mind
You are easiest to fool (Feynman)
Beware dangerous/loaded words and ideas
The conversation you have with yourself
Debug your mental software


What is your desired end-state? Everybody is enacting some strategy. Everybody has some sort of system.
Work backwards from your desired end-state.
What’s stopping you from achieving your desired end state?
How are you going to measure your progress towards your desired end-states?
Recalibrating your expectations
Isn’t that entirely within your control?


Highest order bit
Depth first vs breadth first (a bias for action)
Influence vs Concern
Get to the threshold as quickly as possible
Don’t be a sucker


No human can survive by himself

Just out of curiosity…
“You need better friends”
“What’s stopping you from doing X?”
Making reasonable inferences
Be careful about what you say


What got you here won’t get you there
Reality doesn’t give a shit
Only the paranoid survive

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