Jaybird X3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Bought a pair of Jaybird X3’s. Received them yesterday. Took a few minutes to get them setup. They’re the first bluetooth / wireless headphones I’ve ever used. I bought them after several friends independently recommended the X2’s.

Am immediately very happy with how it feels to have music in my ears that aren’t connected to a wire of some sort. The additional freedom feels really good. There are all sorts of little ways that regular earphones limit your movement that you simply don’t realize. You just get acclimatized to it, I suppose.

Anyway here’s the unboxing, in pictures:



This is the pouch, which snaps together very satisfyingly:


And it came with a sticker and a setup manual.


Satisfied with my purchase so far.

The wire takes a bit of wrangling to get it to the ideal length, which can be a little frustrating, but once you’ve got it right it seems fine.

The sound quality is great; it’s noticeably better than regular earphones. I wasn’t actually particularly expecting that, because it’s wireless and all – but I suppose that’s a very high priority for a lot of people who’re going to spend good money on a pair of earphones.

It came with earbuds in multiple sizes, in silicone and foam. I picked the large foam ones. It also came with these ‘fins’ that you can add on so that it’s more secure in your ears – but I’ve never had a problem with earphones staying in my ears, so I didn’t bother with those.

So far so good. Will update in the future when I’ve used it for some time.

July 2017 update:

I’ve been using these for 7+ months now, and I love them. The battery lasts longer than I expect it to, charges quicker than I expect it to.

The foam tips disintegrated over time – I never really bothered to take care of them anyway. And I switched to silicon tips. Good enough for me. I’m very sloppy with my care, I throw them all over the place, put them in my pockets, etc. I’ve had the silicon earbuds come off a couple of times, but non-issue for me. I love wearing these on my commutes and when I’m running. I get sad on the rare occasion that I forget to charge them and have to use regular earphones with wires.

Great product, highly recommend.

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