I spend a significant proportion of my time everyday just roaming the Internet. I used to feel guilty about this and feel like I ought to curtail it. But now I think the healthier approach is to actually lean into it – to review where I’ve roamed each day. I’ll write in stream-of-consciousness for a while, and then hopefully I’ll remember to come back here and update as I go.

Today I watched two episodes of Silicon Valley Season 3 with my wife. I then listened to Metallica’s latest song (Hardwired), which I thought was a little underwhelming both lyrically and musically. Then I went looking up Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn for a while, because of a reply to a reddit comment I posted earlier. I saw some 911 responder messages earlier today, which was heartbreaking. And I learned that the toe-tickling biker passed away. I saw a story about racists responding to an Indian primary-school girl dancing. Was exploring Authenticity earlier in the morning.

The day before (2016-09-01) I was on Imgur, where I revisited the trolley problem and a 2015 twitter thread about a black criminal with a heart transplant. I was very into Adele’s Lovesong, which I thought was great.

I’m planning to try and ask one good question from Curiosities on Twitter every day.

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