Installing Purpose

“Follow your actions, not your purpose”

my life’s purpose is

  • to get stronger
  • to help other people
    • people like myself, with ADHD
  • to have fun
    • play with ideas
    • be physically comfortable in all sorts of spaces
  • to be happy
    • to have contributed
  • to laugh a lot
  • to experience as many mindfucks as possible
  • spare moments are for calming your mind
  • to meditate
  • to live without anxiety and fear #meditate
  • to smile and laugh and appreciate moments
  • to not react with fear when people call
  • to help other people live beautifully with ADHD
  • to find other people like myself- which means to function at my highest level
  • to rescue smart, talented people like sharan from shitty society
  • to rid the world of shitty copy
  • to learn to cook
  • to get over my anxieties
  • to figure out all of the things that went wrong in my life, and then correct them
  • to troubleshoot myself
  • to build and develop corrective prostheses that actually make sense, that are actually functional and accessible
  • to be able to tell the truth, to speak my mind about what is wrong and silly about the world

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