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  • fear – is one of the most important emotions to understand, identify and navigate by. I want to explore this in depth and really understand it.
  • ignorance – is a big problem and needs to be dealt with. I once wrote a blogpost about “the economics of ignorance”, this should be an update to that.
  • failure – is inevitable, and something you have to work with and deal with.
  • Kobe – for that quote about friendship that sticks with me
  • bullshit – franfurtian. The world we live in is full of bullshit. So it makes sense to learn about it and learn to live with it.
  • violence – is a fact of life, and yet the safe and privileged of us know so little about it. still, it’s everywhere – if not in the most obvious form, then in subtle, veiled forms.
  • assholes – Aaron James. Assholes are a part of the world, and they ruin a lot of things that they get into. It’s important to be able to identify an asshole and to handle one appropriately.
  • society – “what will people think”? no man is an island, it takes a village to raise a child. How does one effectively navigate society? What are the benefits? How do you avoid the costs? Why is society such a dick sometimes? What are its saving graces?
  • smartasses – they annoy me. some are assholes but not all, and yet they all annoy me all the same.
  • privacy
  • women / gender – the intended audience for this would be men who haven’t really, deeply considered about how different women experience social reality than men.
    • I vaguely remember what it was like before I began to appreciate the pervasive nature of sexism. I thought sexism was when you refused to work for a woman, or hire one, or openly insulted women as inferior to men.
    • I remember when I openly thought of women as sex objects, and described them as such publicly, and didn’t think twice about it. I used to assume that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, and that if I were, somebody would tell me. And since so long went without anybody saying something, when someone finally did, I wrote them off as oversensitive.
    • Lots of people think that only outrageous assholes can be racist or sexist. Hassan Minhaj has a great bit about how it can happen with people who love you,too.
  • truth in boxes
  • time – include sideways
  • western-civilization
  • School
  • Advice for a JC 1 Kid
  • Junior college sucked for me
  • Work hard? Me? But I’m Gifted!
  • Communities
  • Creativity
  • cultural appropriation
  • Dystopia – real life is dystopian
  • One must imagine Sisyphus LOL-ing
  • misfit

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