I met you


I lay on my back, sweaty,
staring at the sun rising
from behind the golf course
bouncing off the calm of the reservoir
where minutes earlier we saw water snakes
together, for the first time,

one of many first times

an older couple sits, chanting hindu mantras
a chinese man cycles through his wushu stances
we smile and laugh and partake in it all;
we are our own religion, and I am so glad
that i met you


an epoch is an instant in time
chosen as the origin of a particular era.

it serves as a reference point
from which time is measured.

it’s used for the grandest of contexts:
when Roman Emperors were assassinated
When Victoria ascended the throne,

when i met you


a person (or thing)
that announces (or signals)
the approach of another.

the robin is a harbinger of spring
ghosts are harbingers of death

it always seems so ridiculously dramatic
but if we’re talking about love, joy, bliss, peace
baby, my harbinger was you


the old Scandanavians believed
that at the heart of everything
was the world tree; yggdrasill,
connecting all of existence
in its roots and branches

I think they were on to something
because everything branches out
every moment is pregnant with possibilities
every second a movie in the making
veering off into an infinite fractals

and somehow
in all that



at the end of our days
at the closing of our play
i see myself turning to you
tired and weary, oh, so weary,

but with love, with smiles that cherish
the fact that we shared a moment
a brief, sparkling moment
that was to be our joy.

all the strands will be drawn together
all matters resolved

all that we are
will crumble to dust
and that’s okay




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