Hateable Characters

To tell a story, you need to have characters. For people to get invested in the story, they need to love and hate characters. What are some things that make people hate characters?
Joffrey – entitled, got to where he is without any effort, coasted along. Shows no compassion. Enjoys the suffering of others. Is punitive and wicked.
Bolton – enjoys making people suffer
Lysa Stark – annoying obsession with her boy
Dolores Umbridge – relentless adherence to bureaucracy, disregard for small people’s feelings. (Voldemort in contrast can be empathized with a little bit – conceived of love potion, doesn’t understand love…)
John Hoynes – “I’m not going to stick around and be his whipping boy”
Walter White – disregard for other people, willingness to manipulate them, lie to them, to be dishonest to himself (until the end) about his own motivations.
Skyler White – a lot of people hate her, interestingly. She’s really just trying to keep her family together, trying to take care of business, but she’s seen as some sort of killjoy.
T-Bag (Prison Break) – you feel for him at certain points, but his constant villainy, constant torture, murder, pedophilia, desire to hurt others makes him very unpleasant. And yet some people root for him.
Commodus (Gladiator) – snide, privileged, selfish, immature, whiny
Denethor (LotR movies) – Stupid, Evil, Cowardly… in the books he’s more nuanced, but in the movies he’s this really selfish, ugly old man who doesn’t deserve the position he’s in.
Lucius Malfoy (Harry Potter) – represents this sort of upper crust wanker who has too much power and influence, and enjoys being sexist/racist/etc
That PR lady in Season 1 of TWW – whiny…
Chuck from Better Call Saul – asshole being a total dick to his brother who went through so much trouble to help him, know-it-all, manipulative, behind-the-scenes dickery… couldn’t handle the idea of his shitty little brother growing up into a decent person
The Kettlemens from Better Call Saul – delusional
Dr. Frankenstein – whiny, moody, obnoxious, stupid, illogical, irresponsible
Tilda Swinton’s character Mason in Snowpiercer – disgusting. “Know your place”
The Council in Mass Effect – “Ah, the Reapers – we have dismissed that clam”

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