2017 update: This post is hilariously vague. I need to add some measurable, achievable targets to prove to myself that I have achieved my goals. And so that I can move forward.

Writing goals:

Write about things that I’m not comfortable thinking about, or don’t bother thinking about.

Write about things that are interesting to me personally.

Challenge myself to think bigger, think better, to be more optimal.

Challenge myself to educate themselves.

Challenge myself to overcome my fears.

Big picture, species-level goals:

Here’s an interesting perspective – that it took four and a half years after the Wright’s first flight that people began to wake up to the realisation that human flight had been successfully accomplished.

Bezos said, invention requires a long-term willingness to be misunderstood. Telephones were toys.

My goal is to reduce the waiting time between innovations and things happening.

To accelerate the advent of acceptance for things like driverless cars, commercial space travel, innovating to zero, and so on.

I will probably never be world-class at making innovations like that happen, and at any given moment in time there are already a number of such innovations in play but they’re being disregarded. My goal is to reduce that gap.

Personal goals:

I want to be able to trust myself.

I want to reliably do what I say I’m going to do.

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