Game of Thrones

I was late to Game of Thrones – I think I started watching it in preparation for Season 6, and timed my binge-watch such that I could finish Season 6 around the same time as everyone who was already caught up to the show.

Ned’s death.

The conversation between Cersei and Robert might’ve been the moment when I think I fell in love with the show

Arya and the Hound was nice

Jaime and Brienne was nice

Rob’s relationship with Talisa seemed silly and naive

Littlefinger was a great character at the start but became a little tedious and annoying towards the end.

Sansa was incredibly annoying at the start and grew into someone sensible – kind of how I feel about the Martian lady in The Expanse

Hodor’s scene was very powerful

I thought the torture of Reek was overdone

Bran was tedious and annoying, poorly written in the show

Cersei’s blowing up of the Sept was great

I wish Margery didn’t die, she’s one of my favorite characters

Joffrey was written well as a hateable little twerp

Tywin Lannister was a good character

Jon and Dany are both kind of boring though likeable in a straightforward sense

Jon’s realization of his privilege was a good scene

Bronn’s a fun character

I’ve grown to like Jaime – he had his flaws and foibles but he also tries to be good, and he’s kind of trapped by his love for Cersei

I wish we were allowed to sympathize more with the Night King and the White Walkers


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