The world exists for you to manipulate it as you see fit, as you deem worthy.

Other people do not exist. Walk the streets naked.

Be outcome-agnostic.

Your environment is a manifestation of you.

Indifference to authority. (Istana?)

“Quite unnecessary.”

“Isn’t this superfluous?”

Look people in the eye.

“I don’t mind.”

“It was insubordination.”

“Shouldn’t have waited for you to throw me out / I should have left long ago.” Vacation from RC?

“It was not a happy smile. Not a grateful one. Simple, easy, amused.”

I have nothing further to learn here. (Hans Zimmer?)

“Who will let you?” “Who will stop me?”

“Who are we to improve on the masters? We can only attempt, respectfully, to repeat.”

“Why? ”

“Copies of copies of copies. A building’s integrity is to follow it’s own truth.”

“The spectacle of a young man with your obvious mental gifts setting out to make a mess of his life.”

Truly independent, truly comfortable being alone.

“I don’t propose to force or be forced. Those who want me will come to me.”

“Never ask people. Don’t you know what you want? How can you stand it, not to know?”

Peter and the newlywed, confidant, helped him get the new job

Response to Ellsworth Toohey’s article, contempt of public “intellectuals”

Difference in reception to praise from Roark vs praise from famous ignoramuses

“Great philanthropist easing his conscience”

Demonstrate a free man. Put him against annoying woman. Show his craft. Have him treated unfairly. Meet the Dean. Dean is an old fool.

Pomp and ceremony, all BS. Winner looks for Roark.

Contrast between Peter and Howard.

Howards guru relationship with cameron

Roark relationship with electrician

Roark almost getting a chance but getting fired because lacking flattery skills

Hopefulness then rejection by a seeming idealist who talks too much

(How is he going to deal with this failure? How is he going to grow as a character?)

Heller likes his work

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