Food studies


Coffee / Caffeine [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

Nicotine [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

Dopamine [1, 2, 3, 4] Serotonin [1]


Yoghurt [1]

I like…

  • Fat Boy’s burgers and milkshakes
  • Choupinette’s Eggs Benedict
  • Aston’s hickory BBQ chicken (with potato salad + onion rings)
  • Morganfield’s ribs
  • Fish & Chips
  • Chicken Rice



Purple – Pretty smooth and dark, I like it. – I tried the John Dory, which was pretty nice. Like a grilled version of decent fish&chips. Would’ve liked more meat, but I always say that. I tried Thai salad and Waldorf salad, both of which were a little underwhelming. (The Thai was slightly better.) I would probably order again, and I’d try something different next time.


  • Grilled Beef with Brown Mushroom sauce
  • Thai vinaigrette dory

Chicken Rice Combo Set (with broccoli, beancurd, pork ribs, fried shrimp with thai sauce)


Salad Stop – I think my favorite is the one with the grapes… suddenly can’t remember the name. Jai Ho is ok but the chicken is typically a bit dry.


Chong Pang Nasi Lemak – it’s pretty nice but not amazing. 6.7/10

Sting Ray – okay also. I enjoy it because I eat it whenever I crave it. 6.3/10

Blue Star Prata – this one typically hits the spot for me. The Milo is reliably nice and thick, too. 8/10

Chong Pang Market – solid char kway teow and carrot cake. Haven’t tried the oyster omelette but it should be good too. The barbequed chicken wings and satay are pretty legit, 8.5/10. Soya bean milk is cheap and plentiful, and tastes good. 8/10. (They put so much sugar tho. Should ask for siu dai.)

Handlebar – went once when dark, it was pretty nice as far as I can remember. Should go around slightly before sunset.

Flaming manggos – nice homely-ish ambience, I think some of the wealthier folks in the area hang out here.

Shami banana leaf – alright I guess. Good enough to hit the spot when you need a south indian food fix.

Food issues

I grew up with all sorts of food issues, was very picky eater, only ever ate filet o fish, fish&chips, chicken rice, that sort of thing. I eventually got quite depressed about my shitty, dysfunctional relationship with food and decided that I was going to fix it.

I started by watching videos about the history of food, and by buying ingredients and just fucking around with them. I started by making some shitty scrambled eggs, and by cutting up things like cucumber and capsicum, which you can pretty much just rinse, cut up into ‘fries’ and eat as finger food.

I think I might’ve cried the first time I made myself a good meal and ate it, because it seemed so impossible before. I disagree with the “eat heavily seasoned stuff” idea. I think the important thing is to develop a personal, intimate relationship with ingredients. Get him to buy a cucumber, wash it, cut it, and maybe eat it with whatever dressing he likes. Then slowly level up from there. It’s a lot less intimidating to eat something when you prepare it yourself, and you give yourself permission to just nibble a little bit at some sliced fruit and toss it if you don’t like it.

This was one of the videos I remember watching – it’s really all about changing your relationship and attitude towards food, cooking, etc from something icky/gross/scary to something interesting and inviting.


I’m reading more about food and blood sugar and insulin.

An interesting question (that I never worried too much about because I’ve typically had the opposite problem): why do people who are already fat/overweight continue eating heavily despite being unhappy?

“I’m fat because I eat too much and exercise too little”…

But why?

“Because I’m greedy and lazy, damnit.”


Once we reach something that sounds like a moral failing, we stop questioning. You’re greedy and lazy because humans are greedy and lazy by default- original sin- and you’re just a worse human being than others. The guilt and shame (or anger and resentment and frustration) just drives you to more of the same behavior.

But why are people greedy? Why are people lazy? These are legitimately interesting questions that are legitimately underexplored.

I can’t summarize everything in a status update… but from my reading and understanding, they all seem to be grounded in very, VERY deep rooted coping mechanisms, reactions to a sort of fundamental misfit or mismatch with the reality you experience. They seem to be rooted in things like fear, anxiety, worry, deep-rooted subconscious assumptions about how life is going to be.

The same seems to apply for alcoholism and smoking and drug addiction. I’ll probably be devoting my next 50-100 word vomits or so to exploring and figuring this shit out as it applies to me.

It makes it painfully obvious that most advice for people with chronic problems (whether overeating or procrastination) is actually non-advice. “Stop overeating”. Chronic problems are symptoms of other things. A JC student messaged me to ask about their subject combination. I told them it didn’t matter, what mattered was that they managed their time effectively. They told me they were bad at it because they didn’t have any self-love.

Nicotine increases blood sugar levels. Nobody told me this. When you smoke first thing in the morning, you feel less hungry because the blood sugar goes up. Skip breakfast, and your blood sugar levels are gonna be crazy volatile throughout the day. Which you regulate with… more smoking

“i smoke because i’m stressed” might really be shorthand for “i’m stressed -> I have no appetite -> I skip breakfast -> I have low blood sugar -> the world is a fuzzy blur and I always feel like I’m going to pass out -> “cigarettes give me a semblance of function”

Cigarettes, diet, blood sugar, anxiety, procrastination 

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