I’ve developed an idea in my mind about how to use my blog moving forward. I want it to be an extension of my mind, that I can use as a thinking tool, to keep track of my thoughts, plans, goals, ideas, experiences, learnings and so on.

This page is to be the central location where I think about my fitness. I guess I’d have to talk about my backstory and my goals.


  • I want to run 2.4km in under 10 minutes. I’m currently doing it in about 15 minutes. So sub-goals include getting under 14m, 12m, 11m.
  • I want to squat 100kg. A previous goal was to squat my bodyweight– and I’ve already done that. I weigh 85kg and have squatted 90kg sometime early in 2016.
  • I want to bench my bodyweight. Currently am at around 60-70kg.
  • I want to do 50 pushups. Subgoals– 30, 40.
  • Get Gold for IPPT in 2017.


Grew up really tall and skinny – typically the tallest guy around, and was underweight for most of it. Had bad eating habits. Only ate fish and eggs until I was maybe 13 or 14 before I started eating chicken, and a while later before I started eating pork, lamb, etc. Never really ate breakfast. Ate way too much sugar (candy, sugary drinks), and would typically eat carb-heavy meals (fishball noodles, char kway teow, prata, etc). Smoked cigarettes, and I think the habit stuck because it helped me regulate my blood sugar levels (which must’ve been spiking and crashing horribly – I used to be terribly lethargic all the time, sleep deprived, palpitations, all of that.)

I used to occasionally hit the gym but the only decent thing I’d do was bench press – I had skinny, weak legs. I used to overstride when running and nobody ever pointed that out to me. I was shy to squat in the gym, because I was so tall that I would have to experiment with the height of the rack, and I was afraid of asking someone else if I could work in sets with them when I didn’t know what I was doing + would have to fiddle with the rack.

In late 2015 I bought an actual power rack for my home, and used it to get over my discomfort and anxiety with squats. In Q3 2016 I bought a Fitbit.

“I would like to go to my next reservist and be one of the fittest men there. I reject the assumption that middle-aged men have to be flabby. I want to be a really fit old man.” – 0581 

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