Feature Requests


Problem: Overplayed music

Suggestion: The simplest, bluntest way this could work is a block/ban list. “I don’t want to hear this song ever.” Another would be a soft block/ban: “Don’t let me hear this for the next day/week/month.”


Problem: I want to know who is interested in hanging out at any particular point in time

Suggestion: See power.social for a rough prototype. But ideally this should be part of the Facebook experience itself. Will elaborate more next time, maybe. (Surprisingly, Yo actually would’ve solved this problem pretty well. It just never occurred to anybody to use it that way.)


Problem: No easy way to review all my photos at once, apart from slowly scrolling down.

Suggestion:Simplest –Allow me to mass-edit, so I can use hashtags to sort pics.


Problem: I want to be able to, at a glance, see all the links I’ve ever shared.

Suggestion: Surface this…? Allow a “from:username http://” search?


Problem: Can’t distinguish between overdue/undone tasks and “overdue” but done tasks.

Suggestion: Allow “mark as done” – turn due date green rather than red.

Google Maps

Problem: Can’t tell where the train lines are, can’t use to plan routes off of train/bus routes

Suggestion: Show the train lines on the map itself, and show bus routes (eg searching “Bus 10” will show the route that the bus takes across the island)


Problem: Ordering can be a little tedious

Suggestion: They ought to number and/or alphabetize their vegetables and sauces, so that your order could be “italian 6-inch, ABDE, 25.”


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