We are all miseducated. 

Children and praise

Interview With Harvard’s Most Popular Professor, Michael Puett: What’s So Great, or Not, About Asian Education?


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    • “Traditional education and scholarship has worked hard to minimize emotions within the Academy, and if Zull is correct, then this is most unfortunate. Our brains are wired for emotions, and teaching and learning suffer when we ignore or minimized emotions both in teachers and students.
    • It is hard to attend to a lesson when the amygdala senses loss of control or painful experiences ahead. We teachers can help a student’s brain focus its attention through pleasure and movement, connection with people, awareness of the relevance of the material to the brain’s identity, a sense of control, and other techniques. People can respond when, first, they are not distracted by threats of failure, pain, and loss of control, and second, when they sense relevance, control, joy, and play in what they are asked to do.” –
  • Math and Science teachers on TED
  • Burger math guy – Edward Burger, passionate, effective.
  • STUDY HACKS by Cal Newport has been of great interest to me- this guy basically studies how to study. Which is something I had never learnt to do in school.
  • Wikipedia – List of notable autodidacts because self-education is not a new thing.
  • Scott Adams, on how to get a real education in college
  • Ken Robinson

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