How To Unlearn Your Conditioning

  • First you need to recognize that you are conditioned. everybody is. But we’re also conditioned to assume that our conditioning is “natural”, it’s the default, it’s how things are. Accept that you are conditioned.
  • Believe that change is possible. You need to believe this in your bones, not just intellectually. Remind yourself of change. Learn about change. Revisit stories about change.
  • Experiment. Change your set, change your frame. Sleep early, or stay up late. Eat something different. Go somewhere new. Talk to someone new or old. Read a different book. Tell a different story.
  • Reflect and review. All learning is re-learning. The forgetting curve is a real and powerful thing. If you want something you have to repeat it.
  • Prepare for failure. Everything worth doing is hard, and will likely fail. Anticipate this. Welcome this.

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