Guiding ‘Principles’

Beware the Guilt-and-Shame Ego Trap. Alternate names: Self-flagellation trap, beating yourself up is egotistic

Oscillation – progress on anything difficult is something that oscillates. There’s a sort of forgetting curve.

Parents, Peers and other Benevolent Plagues – the world around you is made up by people no smarter than you. Paul Graham has something relevant

MVP model of personal development

Speed and concentration – principles of war according to Clausewitz


Ego traps

  • ignoring negative or uncomfortable feedback
  • Thinking you’re too good for something
  • Thinking you can do everything
  • Underestimating the effect your behavior has on others

Forgetting curve

Seeding. Tip jars, conversations, reddit, Quora, Flickr.

Frame / Framing



Zero-sum games / non-zero sum games

80/20 principle

Bell curve / stats

“Perception > Reality”

Flanderization / Gollumization

Remix (everything is a remix)

Niches -> beachhead -> crossing chasm

Minimum Viable (X)

Complex Systems


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