I sometimes find myself saying, “If I could clone myself, that’s what I would do.” Or, “in an alternate universe, that’s what I’d be doing instead.” Most recently, I mentioned it to my wife in conversation – that if I could clone myself, one of my clones would doubtlessly be a fashion geek.

Chef. I grew up having a pretty bad relationship with food, but over time I’ve gotten a little more intimately acquainted with it. I’ve recently learned to prepare salmon, steak, spaghetti, and I’m curious about what else I can learn to prepare. I’m curious about the origins of food, where salt and pepper and cumin and potatoes and oregano come from.

Photographer / Filmmaker. I enjoy the idea of composition, of directing people’s attention visually. We’re all visual creatures – we can process visual information better than we can process any other kinds of information. There’s something magical about the medium of film and I’ve been really late to appreciate that. Directing, cuts, conveying ideas. I’d like to maybe make a short film someday.

Playwright. / Screenwriter. Kind of the same deal.

Painter. Also kind of the same deal.

Designer. Also kind of the same deal. Damn, I should really get on this.

Typographer / Calligraphist. I’ve just always had this fetish for words.

History / Science popularizer – There are some amazing people doing some amazing research that tell us so many interesting things, but this data is almost always locked away in inaccessible places. I think I’m quite uniquely positioned to help draw attention to these things. I think I have a good nose and taste for what is interesting, and I think I’m pretty good at talking about things in a way that people find compelling.


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