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0133 – Which Singapore?

It’s a wonderfully cool morning for 1140am in Singapore, and I find myself thinking that Singapore would surely be more pleasant in general if we had better weather. Surely people would be less sweaty and cranky, and perhaps we’d be … Continue reading

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List of Singaporean Angus Ross Winners

I was bored and I saw the latest Angus Ross winner in the news so I thought I’d look to see how the older ones are doing. Couldn’t find a list anywhere, so I thought I’d put one together. I’m … Continue reading

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Straits Times Is Still Very Annoying: featuring Catherine Lim, Singapore’s Consul-General in HK, and the SCMP

Let me take you through the steps chronologically. 1: The South China Morning Post published a report quoting Catherine Lim’s letter. They also mentioned Jason Chua, which is pretty embarrassing. The report was titled “Singaporeans ‘no longer trust their government’: Writer … Continue reading

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0131 + 0132 – Tesla Motors, Neil Tyson, Singapore, Vision and Benevolent Dictatorship

There are few things I’m more excited about than Tesla Motors. The company is committed to pulling the future forward to meet the present by accelerating the development of electric cars. Tesla’s Model S is the safest car on the … Continue reading

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Transcript of an interview I did once about being a SG blogger

I believe this was in early 2013. Do you think all blogs should be progressive and liberal? It wouldn’t be very progressive or liberal for me to say that! We need a broad spectrum of blogs of all kinds. We … Continue reading

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Minister Shan

Visa: I don’t know why I saved this or where I saved this from, but I thought I’d publish it anyway. I REPEAT: I DID NOT WRITE THIS AND I DONT KNOW/REMEMBER WHO DID: “Recently I was invited by Peter … Continue reading

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Roadwork recommendations between Block 71 and one-north MRT

Hey, so I work at Blk 71 at Ayer Rajah Crescent, and I get to work every day by taking the train to one-north MRT. Hundreds of other people do the same. Many of us go to one-north MRT for lunch, too- … Continue reading

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