Emma Coats’ 22 Rules Emma Coats is a storyteller who used to work at Pixar. In 2012, she wrote a series of tweets with t


Sometimes I get a little worn out by the friction of everyday life.  In these times, it helps to have things to return to in


Distraction Quote from The Pale King Louis CK hates phones Hero When I was a teenager I was very fascinated by the concept of


Bum-a-cigarette app idea: “Smoke Buddy” It’ll have to be location-based, showing you smokers in your area. I


Antifragility: Some things are fragile in the sense that they lose from disorder. Some things are robust to disorder– they r


Curiosities, People, books, movies, TV, now, reviews next, post-ideas, todo, pending fear – is one of the most important em


Everything about reality is arbitrarily configured, and can be reconfigured. Your life does not have to be an ugly mess. You c

Feature Requests

Spotify Problem: Overplayed music Suggestion: The simplest, bluntest way this could work is a block/ban list. “I donR


Oct 2016: Am currently in the process of shuffling these around to fit headers, so things might not make sense for a while. Is


Aaron Swartz Raw Nerve Admiral McRaven Commencement Alain de Botton Being a snob The News Alan Watts Alex Ferguson (I’m

If money were no object

One of Alan Watts’ best questions was, “What would you do, if money were no object? How would you really enjoy sp


Disclaimer – I find these reads interesting. I don’t necessarily agree with them. #Bestof Remember – Wanderweird The


How to sleep early. How to eat well. How to quit smoking. How to have a good workday. How to write a blogpost for work. How to


See also: todo, next, post ideas, pending – growing up is hard Why do I want to write that growing up is hard? To feel


Movies I really loved and would rewatch Lord of War – depiction of bleakness of arms industry Moneyball – I really appreci


Reviews and notes I’ve written / am writing: Evolution of Co-operation War of Art – one of my “would get again i


I have an infinite set of todos. I used to list some of them here, but now I realize that it’s better if I turn it into