TV reviews

The Good Place

I wasn’t really expecting to like this show, but it’s well written, tight and snappy, and it does some really fun

Madam Secretary

Binge-watched the first three seasons with the wife over the last few weeks. I got a little bit bored with some of the story

Master of None

I was pretty late to Master of None – my wife was watching Season 1, and I didn’t really catch the first couple of epi

Rick and Morty

I was late-ish to Rick and Morty. Some of my friends liked it, and talked about it in ways that made me think I would like it


My favorite thing about Narcos is the big picture storytelling – when the show zooms out into the big picture, and the narra


Sense8 notes I’ve been wanting to be more thoughtful about the media that I consume. I know that I want to make a living

Game of Thrones

I was late to Game of Thrones – I think I started watching it in preparation for Season 6, and timed my binge-watch such tha


It took me a while to get around to watching it, but once I did I had to watch the whole thing. “Upstairs” is prob

The Expanse

I remember I saw a few people recommending it on Facebook but it took me a while to get around to it – but once I did I had

Breaking Bad

I was very, very late to Breaking Bad – the show was already completely done for a year or two or longer by the time I ended

My favorite bits from The West Wing

Just great “displease you, you feckless thug” Gays in the military scene with Admiral… “They’re

Bojack Horseman

WIP I just finished watching Bojack Horseman Season 3. I’ll review this one first when it’s still fresh on my mind