movie reviews

Chennai Express [2013]

Rewatched this with the wife. Watched it once I think a couple of years ago on Deepavali. It was funnier than I expected, but

Blade Runner [1982]

This movie was made 8 years before I was born, and I waited 27 years to see it. I always heard good things about it, but I nev

Five Foot Two (Lady Gaga)

Watched Gaga’s Five Foot Two a few days ago. I liked it. Was planning to watch a little bit of it and then stop halfway,

Moneyball [2011]

  Watched Moneyball a few weeks ago- had always wanted to get into it because of the statistics/disruption angle, but hes

Whiplash (2014)

Context / preamble: I watched this movie because it was the most voted “what shall we watch next” movie in my TV g

Off Course (2015)

Watched this on a whim while going through Netflix looking for things to watch in the future. Pleasant time-pass. I wanted to

Minority Report (2002)

I first watched Minority Report in the cinema with my brother, when it first came out. It must’ve been 2002 then. I reme

Get Out (2017)

Great movie. I usually avoid movies that are supposed to be horror movies of some kind, but I heard lots of people saying good

Singapore Dreaming [2006]

I watched Singapore Dreaming on YouTube. I found it a little underwhelming. I respect Colin and Yen a lot as writers, and I th

Wonder Woman

I’m really glad the movie exists. It’s delightful to see strong, powerful women in action. Themiscyra is beautiful

Movie Review: Arrival [2016]

TLDR: I didn’t like it, I found it tedious and underwhelming. I went to watch Arrival with the wife yesterday – sever

Movie Review: Southside With You [2016]

My wife and I have always been fans of Barack and Michelle Obama as a couple – they’re smart, respectable, warm, lova

Movie Review: 2 Days In Paris [2007]

It’s interesting to watch a movie that’s set in 2007 – social media was just starting to become a thing, but it

Movie Analysis: The Terminal (2004)

introducing navorski was a master-class in building sympathy for a character – fish out of water (see also: mean girls), lea

Sanjay’s Super Team

I’m thinking about Sanjay’s Super Team, and Ratatouille, and overcoming ‘villains’. Overcoming cynicis

Movie Review – Lord of War [2005]

WIP Lord of War is one of my favorite movies. It’s not like I watched it once and thought “Oh my god this is the b

Movie Review: Before Midnight [2013]

Spoilers ahead. Before ‘Before Midnight’ The first time I watched Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, I was in Penan


I’m listening to the Rocky soundtrack and getting quite emotional. Recently watched movies 1 through 6 in anticipation o


Cinema. The intro scene was too long. I don’t need to stare at a pretty malay woman singing for 3-5+ minutes. Maybe at least


Movies I really loved and would rewatch Lord of War – depiction of bleakness of arms industry Moneyball – I really appreci

Movie Review: Gattaca [1997]

Gattaca. I figure I might as well post a bunch of the movies I’ve been watching. I got around to watching it at last bec

Movie Review: Office Space [1999]

Office Space, my first movie of 2016. Really enjoyed it. Wish I watched it 10 years earlier, though I probably wouldn’t

I highly recommend watching Boyhood, the Richard Linklater movie

I was crushed when I first heard about the existence of Before Sunrise, the movie. It was what I thought nobody had done prope