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The Art Of Charlie Chan Hock Chye

It took me a long time to get around to reading Sonny Liew’s The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye. I knew that I wanted to

Book Review: Dan Lyons’ Disrupted

I read Dan Lyons’ Disrupted sometime in 2016, and I’ve been meaning to do a book review about it. Here’s a g


The News: Alain De Botton De Botton plays a similar game in his book, reprinting headlines – real ones – and inviting the

A Sideways Look At Time

A Sideways Look At Time is a 1999 book by Jay Griffiths that I find myself referencing over and over again. I thought I’

Ender’s Game

thoughts about ender’s game all the characters are hyper-rational and have incredibly intellectual conversations but the

Skimmed Books

  number, the language of science, tobias dantzig notes: “Number is an eloquent, accessible tour de force that rev

Abandoned Books

gone far from the madding crowd, thomas hardy – can ebook this if i really want it last of the mohicans, james cooper the sc


Bu-shi-do: military-knight-ways Author Nitobe (1862-1993) married a white woman, Mary. Was Under-secretary General of the Leag

Antifragile, NNT

live happily in a world we don’t understand sword of damocles don’t be a turkey lecturing birds how to fly indian

The Universe Of Experience, LL White

The Universe of Experience, LL White Intro “order-generating tendency” “new synthesis” – humanity ne

High Output Management

Work in progress. 1- recognizing that you should always solve problems at the lowest-value-stage possible (throw out rotten eg

made to stick

Introduction The main problem is the “Curse of Knowledge”: The person sharing the idea has all sorts of insider in

Book Review: The Box

changing things is hard you need to understand your money leverage is a thing dealmaking is a thing

Book Review: Surely You’re Joking, Mr Feynman!

21 March 2016 Just finished reading ‘Surely you’re joking, Mr. Feynman’. The book’s been on my to-read


The world exists for you to manipulate it as you see fit, as you deem worthy. Other people do not exist. Walk the streets nake

The Face In The Mirror

mirror test– do you recognize yourself? schizophrenia? social experience <> self recognition “cost of self-aware

The First Idea

max weber freud herd instinct signalling emotional signalling intent co-regulation, reciprocity interactive children were swad


techgnosis – myth, magic + mysticism in the age of information (When reading this I found myself thinking that I’m

Flesh and Machines, by Rodney A. Brooks

“robots will never take over, because there won’t be any people for pure robots to take over” irreversible j


“there but for a series of mutations go i” 1665 – Robert Hook observed cells in cork mid-1600s scientific world

How to get ahead in business

Thought this wasn’t a great book nothing is as easy as it looks / everything takes longer than you think better to be br

Lessons from the living cell

introduction/preface “experiments, observations and their interpretation do not exist in some splednid, hermetically sea


documentary – hero’s journey, the world of joseph campbell “the main awakening of the human spirit is compassion

OB Markers

I first heard about OB Markers from Bertha Hanson- she mentioned it in her blog in “Finally, the facts”. Finally, the

War of Art

Thoughts about the book I should have read this book a long time ago. It describes so many things that I struggle with. It und

Power of Now

Power Of Now Quotes and Q&A Managing the Mind Note: The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. Used wrongly, however

Age Of Absurdity

Sit Still Shut Up Escape Self Obsession Stop Wanting Things   Ad + Id- external (Marx) + internal (Freud)  – Neith

Eating the big fish

Morgan explains how “challenger brands can compete against brand leaders.” What is a “challenger brand”


Tempo blog. Maybe read ebook first? high tempo vs low tempo haircut rhythm ritual time- meet you at sunset/sunrise/etc bloggin


Unfinished Habit Loop Lisa Allen, 34, smoking and drinking since 16, struggled with obesity, $10k in debt in her mid 20s, long


Reviews and notes I’ve written / am writing: Evolution of Co-operation War of Art – one of my “would get again i

Tiger Mom

Struggled to enjoy the book because I couldn’t read it without the beginning assumption that Amy was full of shit. Lots of a


Liking Principle: Attractive things work better… When you wash and wax a car, it drives better, doesn’t it? Or at least fe

Power of Habit

Great book. Intend to review it and internalize it. http:

The Four Hour Body

Ginger & Sauerkraut for muscle experimentalists keep theoreticians honest- Michio Kaku Separation of expertise means both

Book Review: Best of Quora 2010-2012

I received this book in the mail as a part of my “Top Writer 2012” package (along with a sweet t-shirt). I only ju

Thinking, Fast and Slow

PART 1: TWO SYSTEMS 1: The Characters of the story (System 1 & 2) 2: Attention and Effort 3: The Lazy Controller 4: The As

On Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers

Outliers was the first Malcolm Gladwell book that I read and enjoyed from cover to cover. I believe the central idea of the bo

Book Review: Mastery, by Robert Greene

Books. I deeply enjoyed Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power. It’s not like he’s saying anything new, but so

Ray Bradbury – The Martian Chronicles

I bought The Martian Chronicles at a library book sale. I’ve been to 3 sales so far. I believe I bought it in either th


Freakonomics- Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner I first read Freakonomics when I was still in secondary school, and I t

Wuthering Heights and the folly of vengeance

I choose to start with Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, partially because it was a text that I choose to do when retaki

Soul Made Flesh

  Fascinating story about progress and discovery. This book taught me something about about success, about power play, ab

The Death And Life Of Great American Cities, by Jane Jacobs

A bottom-up observation of the huge beast of society. Little interactions make a big difference. Cities are living organisms.

The Black Swan, by Nassim Taleb

How does the world work? What is the point of the economics profession? What is “risk management”? What are the t

Charlie Brown’s ‘Cyclopedia

I used to read a lot as a kid, though it never occurred to me that it was anything unusual. If I ever seem more intelligent th