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So what’s PM Lee Hsien Loong like in person?

  Before anything else, I want to start by clearly stating that I am not a PAP supporter. I am not an “Opposition supporter” either. I don’t believe in picking sides. I’m against PAP super-dominance, but I would be against Opposition super-dominance … Continue reading

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Mission: To Interview Singapore’s Prime Minster, Lee Hsien Loong

I want to have prata with Lee Hsien Loong. Or kopi. Or an interview. The question isn’t “do you think it’s possible”, but “how could we make this happen”? My selling point would be that it’s an opportunity for the … Continue reading

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SG Music

Singapore’s music scene faces complex challenges. We need systemic solutions to solve systemic problems- band-aid solutions are costly, tedious and frustrating. No single individual can make a difference on his own. If we are to develop and nourish our scene … Continue reading

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Project Statement

Here’s an idea that I have that I’d like to pursue: T-shirts as conversation starters. I’m tentatively calling this Project Statement. I’ve always been somewhat dissatisfied with the t-shirts I own- I never quite feel like they say as much … Continue reading

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The Book Project

Books have always been a huge part of my life. I haven’t always been reading, though- I read a lot as a child, and then it sort of tapered off in my teens, and I recently got around to picking … Continue reading

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20 Weeks Left: What I’m going to do when it’s over!

There was a disruption in my 90 Week Project, and I haven’t been updating the blog aspect of it since about week 53. BMT hit me out of the blue around Week 54, and I lost my notebook (which had … Continue reading

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Systems, Ideas, Projects

There is so much I have to say and I’m not sure if I can say it all at once but I’d like to try. I’ve been bothered for a long time by my inability to express myself effectively, both … Continue reading

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