Status Update [2015]

Originally posted on 1000wordvomits – 0475+0476+0477. It’s always fun to pay attention to all the different kinds of stimu


I have always been a somewhat scatter-brained person, and I’ve also always felt this sort of compulsion to catalog every

A Perfect Day

Inspired by a Ben Greenfield blogpost: If there were no limitations or consequences, what would your average perfect day look

Annual Reviews

Every year I make it a point to do some reviews of my life. Here’s a list of what I’ve done so far. 2009 birthday


WIP I want to make it a point to do annual reviews. Next year I’ll update it every month. But this is retroactive. Writt


I was a student in Singapore’s Gifted Education Programme from 2000 to 2004, from when I was 10 to 14. I found parts of


Left-handed in a right-handed world Youngest child by 7 years (oldest was 20+ older than me) Indian in a Chinese-majority coun


Everything about reality is arbitrarily configured, and can be reconfigured. Your life does not have to be an ugly mess. You c


I’m not much of a traveller. I’d like to change that. So far, I’ve been to… Johor, Malaysia Batam, Ind

My journey from underachieving student to moderately competent adult [2016]

An older friend told me that a parent wanted to talk to ‘learn about my educational journey’ and ‘understand


1990 – Born 1994 – St Hilda’s Kindergarten 1997 – Opera Estate Primary School 1998 – Burnt hand 2000 – St Hild

If money were no object

One of Alan Watts’ best questions was, “What would you do, if money were no object? How would you really enjoy sp


I was born on June 6th 1990, in Singapore. George HW Bush was President of the USA. The Berlin Wall fell, East and West German

Starting work [2013]

2014 EDIT: Just to avoid confusion; this was written at the start of 2013! I’m still working here and having loads of fu

No, I Won’t Be Going To University [2012]

I wrote this in December 2012. I have been thinking about the University question for some time, and I decided to get some inp