CandyBar – Digital Loyalty Punchcards For Small Businesses

I generally don’t talk about work, but this is pretty cool. CandyBar – digital loyalty punchcard So this is something


startup bullshit Just shipped some stuff for work, so I thought I'd take a second to explore some thoughts that have been


haha nah mostly just essay ideas. But any of those could do unusually well and affect me unexpectedly — Visakan Veerasam

Why Pocket Supercomputers Are Called Phones

Language is full of interesting legacy issues. The pocket supercomputer I'm writing this on isn't really a "phone


I love this comic by Kevin Simler of Melting Asphalt:


locust-style social effect I’m on a train. It’s 218pm, I’m on the east-west line on the way to Buona Vista. There’s a


Things that bother me: People Idiots in internet comments Racist kids on Twitter who are effectively impregnable because of st

How To Unlearn Your Conditioning

First you need to recognize that you are conditioned. everybody is. But we’re also conditioned to assume that our condit

Truth in Boxes

0400 – stop hoarding truth in boxes    


Distraction Quote from The Pale King Louis CK hates phones Hero When I was a teenager I was very fascinated by the concept of


Originally posted on Hacker News: Here’s my random, unsolicited opinion: I doubt porn is the cause. Porn might be a como


“One can divide political twitter into people who think wealth is created and people who think poverty is created.”

Supernormal Stimuli

I was on the train a while ago without my phone (left it at home) and I was just curiously watching what other people were up

Real Life Is Dystopian

Lately I’ve been collecting factoids that I’ve found dystopian about the world we already inhabit. HK’s co


Just a collection of my favorite tumblr memes: –

cultural appropriation

In response to


Macbook Use Ctrl+Cmd+Shift+4 to take screenshots that save only to your clipboard – meaning you can paste them in a chat or

4 years together

Fun fact: Sharan Kaur and I got married 4 years ago today. It was kind of a secret. We did it over milkshakes and hotdogs at a


There’s seems to always be this interesting duality to achieving anything difficult. You have to have faith that you can


I once extensively dissected all the 7 deadly sins as a mental exercise (I was bored as a conscript, and I wanted to solve the


In 1994, Charles Munger gave a talk titled “A Lesson on Elementary, Worldly Wisdom As It Relates To Investment Manageme


One of the most interesting things I’ve ever read was about this guy who was homeless and living in the forest for a rea

Early Employee

source +1 to this. I’m a relatively early employee at my team, and while my founders don’t really mind whether I&#


Original:  I really liked this idea– I think by Robin Sharma [1], but by many


Self-promotion isn’t intrinsically bad; it’s just usually bad because people walk in, post their shit and then dis


Raymond points to 19 “lessons” learned from various software development efforts, each describing attributes assoc

scared men

I knew some dudes like this. They’re like young versions of the racist old man Bill Burr described in his standup –

A Sideways Look At Time

A Sideways Look At Time is a 1999 book by Jay Griffiths that I find myself referencing over and over again. I thought I’


Language news Good typography The message has to suit the medium: Recurring theme of brooding over cities how people make refe


Stone tools, computer mice, bricks and smartphones are all designed to fit the human hand. people looking ridiculous SeeingSpa

Parable of Shitty Choices

OVERALL TLDR/SUMMARY: Effective decision-making can be counter-intuitive. You assume that a good decision is supposed to look


Should this post exist? The point here is to catalog ugliness. Maybe a change of title is in order. UOB sends ugly emails:


My wife likes that Redmart takes pictures of their products, front and back, and allows you to zoom in. So you can see the ing

Keyboard shortcuts

For Mac. Cmd + ctrl + space – Emoji keyboard Ctrl + click – Right-click Cmd + Shift + 4 – Screenshot area (+ Ctrl – sa


Is it worth it getting famous? Why do people want to become famous? Why do so many famous people end up in a bad way, one way


Write about things that I’m not comfortable thinking about, or don’t bother thinking about. Write about things th


The Recreational Public Outrage Machine What Adults Would Tell You About Adulthood (If They Weren’t So Goddamn Tired) Coping


The following are selected quotes from @1000wordvomits. -1- “What is “this”? Whatever it is that distinguishes me fr


“I feel the deepest pleasure, dear friend, in a tete-a-tete with you. You can’t imagine how much I have suffered f


2016-09-02 I spend a significant proportion of my time everyday just roaming the Internet. I used to feel guilty about this an


Guiding ‘Principles’ Beware the Guilt-and-Shame Ego Trap. Alternate names: Self-flagellation trap, beating yoursel

How artists perceive differently

I have some kooky hypotheses about how people like this (and folks like Van Gogh) experience reality differently from the comm


WIP What does it mean to be Indian in the modern world? It’s annoying how – to an American audience, Indian can often


If I could clone myself, one of my clones would be a fashion geek. He would obsess about the history of fashion (clothes), abo


I sometimes find myself saying, “If I could clone myself, that’s what I would do.” Or, “in an alternat


“I deal with jealousy the same way I deal with narcissism- by reminding myself that everybody is infinitely complex, and


HN – Twitch could be a $20B company within Amazon dexwiz 11 hours ago [-] Amazon bought two things with Twitch: 1) A social


Local man gets released from prison, quickly proceeds to attempt to throw himself into path of bus to extort money from driver

Just Kidding

Lol so we should just stop appreciating comedy in general… (cos every joke/skit is inherently poking fun at some facet o

work learnings

The following is a list of things that I personally learned. Work in progress. One on ones. It’s very important to have

What I’m up to right now (July 2017)

I’m currently working full-time at ReferralCandy. I’m with the marketing team, and I’m responsible for any


Preamble Originally on HN:  It’s always interesting to look at old predic

Internet Fads

Once upon a time I thought it would be fun to compile Internet fads. I’m not sure why. I still have my notes from them,


Food studies Alcohol Coffee / Caffeine [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] Nicotine [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6] Dopamine [1, 2, 3, 4] Serotonin [1] Sugar Y


Meaning of social: It’s interesting to witness how language changes and evolves over time, almost without concern for th

‘Feels Good’ vs ‘Is Good’

Some decisions are easy, and some decisions are hard. What’s the difference? It seems that we’re predisposed to li

bestof @visakanv hacker news comments

Singapore Is Taking the ‘Smart City’ to a New Level Writer’s block What is your writing process like? slack as ̵


This post is a work-in-progress. It’s really just a set of notes for now. 1 I was re-reading Playboy’s 1994 interview

Life Basics

Haven’t written in a while. I feel a little tired and bored of the 1000wordvomits project, like it’s not going any


I’ve developed an idea in my mind about how to use my blog moving forward. I want it to be an extension of my mind, that

The Body Is The Mind

From reddit thread about walking around during phone calls; This is a specific case of the general phenomenon. Lots of people

Advice for a JC1 Kid

“SO, do you have any advice for a JC1 kid? :p Like a “dear 18 year old me” kinda thing haha” Sure, you

Write For Me

I love writing. I write for a living. I write for passion. I’m always looking for other writers, both socially and profe

Recommended Reading Seth Godin’s Bootstrapper’s Bible Rory Sutherland’s TED Talks David Ogilvy’s Confessions Of

How To Self Regulate

I think the solution to the problem of self-regulation will begin with really little things. If you suck at self-regulation, y

1000 index

self-observations 0408 — tendency to talk in explanations – I get neurotic when I try to explain everything, includin


0546 – the future of my words 0543 – writing as joyful self-correspondence 0533 – the next steps of my writing journey 0


Originally 0532. Guilt is a feeling. It’s often a legitimate feeling, and it’s a signal from the mind/body that something

word vomit notes

Practice Stoicism (0010) Keep your identity small (0094) Avoid heartbreak warfare (0006), petty arguments (0076) Be random fro

Lessons from reflections

lessons From Reflections I have to learn to forgive myself and rediscover why I do things. Exercising for endorphins is better


I have loved letters and words for as long as I can remember. I love their shapes the way a painter might enjoy the smell of p


Sex: Clever use of pictures to communicate. Bloomberg – Has internet culture ruined love


I think history is interesting. It’s like binge-watching old seasons of current affairs – we get to go through a lot

Rewiring habits

Habits- Cue, Response, Reward Broke FB/Twitter/IG habits by dramatically reducing cues Reddit…?? Quora…?? (unfollo

Installing Purpose

“Follow your actions, not your purpose” my life’s purpose is to get stronger to help other people people lik

Install superior beliefs

Purpose / Beliefs / Desires belief board I believe that I am as smart as will smith, steven spielberg, all the people who̵

Advice To A Younger Self: How To Manage Yourself

1. Hit the gym. We live in the real world and physical strength has real benefits. Get fit and you’ll look fit, and peop

UX  The futuristic touch-enabled t

blogging learnings

blog editing thoughts #vomits #write title your blogposts properly because if you don’t you’ll regret it when you have 800


Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. Between these two banks the river of my life flows. – Nisar


Do forms exist? Are they eternal and changeless? Nah. Who am I? An illusion How do I know the world isn’t virtual? You

How to build and maintain communities

I used to run a community focused on intelligent conversation, and I made the naive mistake of NOT enforcing rules and censors


We are all miseducated. My education journey 0129 – future of education 0461 – we are all miseducated – accepted it and


Get stronger ELI5: if I do 10 push-ups every hour for 10 hours, will my muscles gain as


I’ve always been afraid of cooking. I’ve decided to get started. 2016-09-11 – Today I bought a piece of salmon f


I started smoking again. Thought I would’ve quit for good. (Quit again in 2016) people are stupid. keep assuming that th


“the most important thing is that I write down my processes” Start by listing all the processes you can think of C


Clear the gunk off your windshield so you can focus on the present moment, what’s in front of you right now. Jon Kabat Z


I’ve been overwhelmed in recent times with the realization that I don’t really know my body as well as I thought I

internet arguments

I have a habit of arguing with people on the Internet. There are pros and cons to this. Pro 1: is that I typically refine my o


See also: todo, next, post ideas, pending – growing up is hard Why do I want to write that growing up is hard? To feel


When I first started work, I was going to write a long-ass essay about all the things that are important and meaningful The X


  My parents had really good intentions. They wanted me to “do well in school so that I would do well in life.̶


When I was a kid, one of the things I wanted was to be a newspaper journalist or a magazine journalist. For a period of time,

curse of development

People of a certain level of “development” suffer from being surrounded by “less developed” people who

Thinking tactics

work backwards question assumptions flip it upside down, inside own reduce/exaggerate to absurdity ask others random step / ch

post ideas

  Coping With Everyday Bullshit. But I’m not qualified to write that yet, because I haven’t exactly figured t

I was made to be intense

I feel like I was made to be immense. This is shorthand. There is no purpose, all is absurd, #welcometothecircus. But I feel l

Let go of your old shit / Destroy scarcity mindset

I realize I have been operating with some sort of scarcity mindset. I keep revisiting and referencing old blogposts as though

Brain parasites

Parasites In My Brain The issue has been addressed, so everything is okay. You can slack now. This happens when: I’ve go

If I were an interviewer

If I were an interviewer. 1: I think it’s important to get all the preliminary questions out of the way ASAP. Most dialo

Different Kinds Of Hot

This was meant to be an essay on the different kinds of hot. I think it might be something that does well on some online publi


On putting things off [HN] I’m very passionate about the problem of procrastination, having suffered terribly from it a

Final Version

v1 FINAL VERSION Introduction FV is based on my earlier time management systems, particularly the extensive range of AutoFocus


Philosophy review – how the world works Give us a context in which we can operate crusader swinging an axe in the face of a


Tempo blog. Maybe read ebook first? high tempo vs low tempo haircut rhythm ritual time- meet you at sunset/sunrise/etc bloggin


Watched Martin Seligman: The new era of positive psychology 3 kinds of happiness pleasure home warddrobe commute workspace dat


  Everything Is A Remix (Full Video) [30 mins+] How To Steal Like An Artist, by Austin Kleon (Google him for Twitter). P


Benjamin Zander’s approach to leadership. Who are we being, that our children’s eyes are not shining? Simon Sinek


Love What French Women Know. I like this one. The common, Americanized view idea o


Hello, World Finished Not Perfect [1:30] Why Do We Fall [6:13] Unbroken [5:57] Dream [6:20] Les Brown: You Gotta Be Hungry

Blogs To Analyze

  Frank Chimero writer / designer. I like how Katja Grace expresses her novel opinions. DJ Alchemi: There’s just s


here’s the most compelling argument for abortion I’ve ever read: How I lost faith in the pro-life movement: Pathe


What’s the first video game you ever played? I’m not entirely sure. I recall watching my brothers play games on th


In any period where you feel directionless, wavering, stuck with one foot in two different worlds, and hearing in the back of


“I have nothing to do / wear / watch / read” is a bug we encounter when… 1- a tired mind 2- attempts to find


today my anthro professor said something kindof really beautiful: “you all have a little bit of ‘I want to save the world

How electricity works

We live in an electric world – lightning is electricity, electric currents run through our bodies. electromagnetic waves, ra

Hi, I’m Visa.

I’m the editor of the ReferralCandy Blog. My post An Epic List of 47 Referral Programs is practically the best such po


I have an infinite set of todos. I used to list some of them here, but now I realize that it’s better if I turn it into

Everything Is A Remix

4 points by visakanv 673 days ago [-] Yep, you’re right.As a writer, marketer, creator and consumer of content, I enjoy

My best work with ReferralCandy

I’m the blog editor over at ReferralCandy. Here’s my favorite writing that I’ve done over there. Some of it

The Tao of YungSnuggie

I loved YungSnuggie so much that I pulled out his best answers, formatted them a little (tried to make it easier to read witho

7 Important Things I’ve Learnt (Really Basic Stuff)

During my 2 years of National Service, I began what I called the 90 Week Project. I had heard many horror stories from men wis

Taking your GCE ‘A’ Levels as a Private Candidate

Update: Every year I get people coming to this post either right before the A Levels, or right after they get their results. I

Editing ‘Rambles for progress’

Oct. 30th, 2011 at 7:05 PM Big changes happen because of the accumulation of small changes (which happen through honest conver

7 GTD lessons from cigarette smokers

Smokers do something that’s quite remarkable that nobody really talks about: they smoke a lot of cigarettes. A heavy smo

How I Ran A 21km Half-Marathon Without Training

I remember the day we decided to do it. It was in December last year. My brother had just gotten married and the family was si

Work hard? Me? But I’m Gifted!

2014 summary: Used to be a minimum-effort student who was proud of how little effort I needed to get by. Now wish I had learn

The likely tragedy of Justin Bieber

2014 Update: He just got arrested. Lol. Original post here. The cap, the hand sign and the facial expression- worrying signs o