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  • title your blogposts properly because if you don’t you’ll regret it when you have 800 blogposts titled “thoughts”
  • rework, rework, rework
  • you need precise categories. “self-evaluation” and “personal development” aren’t very good
  • footnotes are an incredible tool for meandering, diverging writers

re: 500k words

Start. Get excited, go crazy and keep going. Do not edit. Do not hesitate. Do not attempt to edit while you write.
Bookkeeping will become a necessity, but don’t force it. If you have to choose between writing and bookkeeping, write.
You’ll get better at framing things. But don’t force it. If you have to choose between framing a piece and writing it, write it.
Writing in bullets is great because it frees you from the constraints of structure. When you try to write in full paragraphs, you may fall into the trap of coming up with elaborate structures that don’t contribute to what you’re trying to say. Worse, they’ll even distract you altogether from what you’re trying to say. Don’t waste valuable time and cognitive energy trying to figure out how to construct a sentence until afterwards, when you’re sure of what you’re trying to say. (Analogy: don’t waste time trying to shade in things until you’re sure that they’re going to be kept in the final drawing. Get the overall scaffolding correct first.)
Spill as much ink as you can.
Pay attention to what you struggle with.
Summarise and TLDR yourself.
It’s worth cultivating a bias for brevity. It forces you to clarify your thinking. This means eliminating parallel thoughts, and picking the best phrase over the 5-10 next-best phrases. Ramble and then compress.

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