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I work at ReferralCandy, write at PoachedMag and blog at... here. This is my blog. You can find me on Twitter at @visakanv. I deactivated my Facebook account a while ago because the noise was too much for me to handle. How does this authorship nonsense work?

My Answers To Mark Manson’s Life Purpose Questions 1: What is your favorite flavor of shit sandwich and does it come with an olive? (What pain do you want in your life?) I love writing. I love words. I love ideas. I love expression. I can imagine … Continue reading

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Progress on #Blk73 at one-north, Ayer Rajah Crescent

Not sure why I’ve been doing this. But I’ve been taking a bunch of videos of the construction of #Blk73.

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1059 – morning run with the wife

Today I did something for the first time. I woke up at 630am (alarm assisted). I laid in bed for for a while. Then I got up and got a glass of water, and brought my macbook to bed. I … Continue reading

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To Singapore, With Love: Does the MDA appreciate the Streisand Effect?

Here’s a thinking tool I’m trying out: Assume good faith. I’m going to assume that the MDA has good, smart people in charge and that they genuinely want what’s best for Singapore. You may disagree with the premise, but I … Continue reading

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1058 – Why do anything? The Disneyland Analogy

Wrote this a few weeks ago, just finished it up. I think one of the simplest and deepest dilemmas that everybody needs to resolve is- why bother doing anything? For some people this isn’t even a question that occurs to … Continue reading

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0157 – Reboot (April)

This post was written in April but incomplete, unfinished and unpublished. I haven’t done a proper word vomit in over a month. The last thing I published appears to have been a repeat of something else, and I wrote that … Continue reading

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0156 – When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit + ADHD

When I was a young boy- I’m not sure if I was in primary school or secondary school, I read a book called When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. I want to write all my thoughts about it without first looking … Continue reading

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