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I work at ReferralCandy, write at PoachedMag and blog at... here. This is my blog. You can find me on Twitter at @visakanv. I deactivated my Facebook account a while ago because the noise was too much for me to handle. How does this authorship nonsense work?

0153 – I highly recommend watching Boyhood, the Richard Linklater movie

I was crushed when I first heard about the existence of Before Sunrise, the movie. It was what I thought nobody had done properly before. I had always had long, meandering conversations with my closest friends and they were my … Continue reading

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“Fuck you, brain cancer.”

Thank you for rescheduling that meeting AFTER TO WENT TO BED to this afternoon so I’d miss my flight home. #probablyOnPurpose — Amanda (@TrappedAtMyDesk) November 16, 2012 I hate waking up 2hours before my alarm feeling like I’m already late. … Continue reading

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PM Lee Hsien Loong, on the purpose of life

“The purpose of life is not assurance and security, the purpose of life is to use that security in order to go and achieve something new and different, and do better than the people who came before you. “I mean, that’s … Continue reading

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0152 – Letter To A Young Songwriter

When I was a teenager, I’d play bass in bands, sing horribly and toy with the idea of being a songwriter. This is a letter I wish somebody had written to me when I was 17. Aim to be prolific. … Continue reading

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The problem with “6 in 10 Singaporeans think media regulations are balanced”

EDIT: I overgeneralized and misrepresented the out-group earlier by saying “they said they don’t care”. Technically, they didn’t say they care. Minor but significant distinction. It makes the whole thing a little bit murkier. Here’s the article you’re most likely … Continue reading

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TEDtalks I want to watch or rewatch

Formatting is a bit messed up but that’s not the thing so Robert Neuwirth: The hidden world of shadow cities Kevin Kelly: How technology evolves  Ray Kurzweil: The accelerating power of technology  Ashraf Ghani: How to rebuild a broken state … Continue reading

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0150 + 0151 – Restatement of Purpose

I have often felt purposeless, for the most part. Sometimes I get caught up in something and get all excited, but it usually ends up being temporary, illusory. It goes away. It doesn’t map meaningfully onto reality, so it becomes … Continue reading

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