Asus MX27H IPS 27″ Monitor Review

I bought a random monitor a while ago. My wife liked using it, so I decided to get another one to avoid having to

Apparently IPS stands for “In-Plan Switching”. I have no idea what that is and it doesn’t really matter to me.

The speakers are better than Macbook Air speakers but not as good as external speakers.

The monitor buttons are a little oversensitive, but eh. Doesn’t really bother me. Set it and forget it.

I like that it’s a matt rather than glossy display. I like that it’s big, that it’s thin. I think the metal circle base is really sexy. If I could get a second one to replace the old one and have two of these babies side by side, I’d really love it.

Here’s a good video summary, more extensive than I’d bother to be:

And here are a couple of pics:

asus-mx279h-monitor asus-mx279h-monitor-with-macbook-air

July 2017 update:

Been using this regularly for a long time. I played all of Mass Effect: Andromeda by connecting a Playstation 4 to it. Still use it every day at home. Happy with it.

The controls are still way too sensitive, which is annoying, but I deal with it. Would recommend. Definitely prefer it to my other monitors.

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