Annual Reviews

Every year I make it a point to do some reviews of my life. Here’s a list of what I’ve done so far.




New Year 2010: Inflated sense of self-worth. I learned that I’m not nearly in control of myself as I like to believe. Had a comforting sour grapes attitude towards my failures. Was especially troubled by being unable to get myself to study leading up to my A Levels.

June 2010 letter to self – Stop smoking. Listen to your body. Eat more. Sleep well. Write every day. Cut down on frivolous Facebook posting.

Nov 18 2010: Resolutions for 2011 Save money, reading schedule, blog, smoke less, drink water, journal, build habits, meditate, declutter, play music.


Jan 1 2011: Mandatory New Year Post Declutter. “My primary 4 focuses this year are my finances, fitness, reading and writing. Music, drawing and social relationships come close after that.”

July 5 2011: Week 52 of 90 Week Project  A good routine that you follow is infinitely better than the perfect routine that you don’t. 5 workouts is enough to make a difference.


Jan 2 2012: How to live, and other final 2011 thoughts

Jun 6 2012: On turning 22. Reflect. Accept loneliness. Drop your perfectionism. Develop routines, they’ll set you free. Treasure each moment. Spend time with loved ones. Practice gratitude. Be compassionate and serve others.


0128 – 2013 in summary Got married. Bought a flat. Realized how important it is to manage your time well. Experimented with smoking cessation and leaving FB. Thought a lot about identity performance.


0163 – 24th birthday “Marriage. Home ownership. Employment. Bills. None of these were a part of my life 2 years ago, and now they are the most prominent, fundamental elements in it.” Make time for stuff that matters to you – dates with the wife, coffee with old friends, time for reading, time for exercise. “I’m young” is no longer an excuse. Describe reality as accurately as you can. Plot a prison break from monotony.

2014 reddit AMA

Sept 2014: Mark Manson’s Life Purpose Questions


0206 – happy 2015 (fuck it just do it) Sleep better.

0357 – Turning 25 McDonald’s and Arrested Development with the wife. Happy to have a home, to be less skinny. Want to be more mindful, to work more efficiently. Show up and be present.

0535 – 2015 in review Best decision: Buying a power rack for the home. Getting freelancers to write for the RC blog. Regularly re-evaluate your GTD system. Make more time for friends.


0515 – hello 2016: goals

0516 – hello 2016: mindset (zero to one + pursue responsibility)

2016 review

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