Alan Watts

Stop trying to change the world

Vanity – Hell. “I would’ve done differently if I had know better.”

Buddhism – Therevada, Hinayana – few ascetics to nirvana
Mahayan – Nirvana is everyday life

Stone buddha – false peace, new illusion. Private buddha.

Bodhisatva – principle awakening. Deliver all other beings. Worshipped as saviours. 1000 ways of rescuing beings.

City = collaborative effort to sustain human life

“You are just as much the dark space beyond death as you are the light you call life.”
“Nirvana is where you are, provided you don’t object to it.”
“Swim with the stream, not against it– and you’re there.”
“Go over the waterfall, day-to-day. Be willing to die. Die well. System of waves. Cycles. Vibration of life.”

You can’t have half a wave. You can’t be half a human being– to be born but not die. Cycles. Vibration of life.

“Space is not just nothing. Space is a function, aspect of the solids in space. You can’t hang on to yourself. Stop trying. Every person you see will soon be dead. We have devised a culture fundamentally opposed to death.”

Problems head on

LSD – psychotherapist
face fear head on
sterrors – head straight into them, bow into the wave
Spider mother

Ghost – don’t run away, it’ll capture the substance of your fear and kill you

Grandfather’s dead, father too. Whoo’s the authority? Explore, feel, head straight into it.

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