Hi, I’m @visakanv. Call me Visa :-). Here’s what’s on this blog:

I write about marketing. Here’s my master list of recommendations (messy). Reviews of movies and TV shows. A messy place to keep track of my books. And here’s a list of my curiosities. A list of people who’ve influenced me. What I’m up to right now. A bunch of predictions, and my favorite brands

A list of pending blogpost ideas and todos, and howtos.

Here are a list of my directives for myself to follow.  Goals, Personal KPIs, motivation

Here’s a post about my childhood and my experiences as a misfit. I probably have some form of ADHD. I think a lot about adulthood, and parenting. Sometimes I write about Singapore. What does it mean to be Indian? If I weren’t a writer I think I’d be into fashion or architecture, both of which I think are subsets of design. I think school is outdated and needs an update, and that we should rethink education. I’ve always been fascinated with media, especially in the age of the hyperlink. I think philosophy should be practical. We don’t examine perception enough. And we should think about death in order to live well. Boredom is a puzzle that can be solved.

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10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Visakan,

    From your profile photo, I gather you are a young man. I wish you opportunities and safety in traveling to see the world.

    I am a senior citizen at 70 coming July. Like you, I am Singapore born and bred. And I agree with your essay “Incentive Fallacy”. It is money and more money. That is what the government can think of. But the problem is it does not trickle down.

    Best wishes

  2. Hi Visa..

    Middle aged, Singaporean born and bred Eurasian lady here.. love your wit and humour!! Your views are shared by many across the age and racial demographics of Singapore.. Keep up the good stuff!! 🙂

  3. Awesome to read a local blog with real perpectives while entertaining. Keep your passion alive and work smart to make your dreams become reality!

  4. Hiii Visa! I like your controversial articles and wit. Keep up the good work! You should keep an “archives” bar by date. 🙂

  5. Hi Visa, I came across your blog from a friend who shared your recent CISCO wayang post.
    Even though I have 2 final major assignments to complete for my undergrad degree and both due within 24 hours your humor kept me reading. All I would like to say is that your post are really informative, refreshing and funny. I like it. Thanks for making my day.


  6. I REALLY like the way you think. I hope that I end up with someone informed like you. Thank you for making me feel that there are men out there that are interested in the same things as I am. I always meet people who’re anti-feminists and misogynistic in general. It’s amazing to see people like you.

  7. Hi visa, there are some similar points in our beliefs hence its nice to read ur stuff. However, i think sometimes you are expecting too much of yourself that it causes anger. I think you can maintain this high expectation without giving urself too much stress. Just a feedback, and keep up ur good work.

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