The intro scene was too long. I don’t need to stare at a pretty malay woman singing for 3-5+ minutes. Maybe at least change the camera angle from time to time, show her looking at things, some sort of development?
The parts with the 2 malay guys was funny, good comedic sense. The moment one guy says “I need to pee”, you know they’re going to die.
The jump from “young people watching” to “old people watching” was a nice leap through time.
The old man being a filmmaker was an interesting development. The Shaw Brothers’ reference was funny.
The Yeo’s product placement was a bit blatant, but hey. Yeo gotta do what Yeo gotta do.
The long tedious shots of the uncle in the wheelchair rolling from some nursing home to The Fullerton to Buona Vista felt a bit like too much atmosphere.
The outro was pretty touching.
Felt like they took too long to say, “old artists came together again and felt young again”. I thought a great execution of this was the “I’ve been waiting for a long long time” short film on youtube, which had the additional sense of “passing the baton”.

There’s a lot of staring out of windows

Neo’s That Girl
great casting, very likeable characters– the main girl especially. and the pretty girl was so pretty wow. and the teacher was perfect. and the gangster/ahlong was great.
guan yin says okay. i laughed. very funny.
the peer dynamics was very well done, the representation of how kids roughhouse each other
i thought the idea of all the girls swooning over the boy was cheesy (and just made me think about the fact that Jack Neo himself was involved with 11 women… well… you know what kind of things Jack likes to fantasise about)

Boo Junfeng

I liked that the customs officer was nice to the uncle
I like that the uncle had a clear motivation– he wanted to find the lady of his youth– and so I could sympathize with him as he went through his struggles of finding an address, dialing a number, calling a phone number
I like that he squeezed in that little bit where two men share a drink while crossing the road.
The “hashtag handsome” bit was entertaining
The man walking onto a film set was so blatantly meta (I’m guessing the guy who said ‘action’ or ‘cut’ was Boo himself)

Grandma Positioning System

Great characters
thought it was funny that a young girl was on the phone rather than texting, but I guess it’s nice to get to hear her voice
the part about the boy asking grandma to walk slowly so he can skip lessons– brilliant

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