CISCO wayang level: Over 9000!

My brother noticed something interesting a few weeks ago, but I never got around to writing about it. (Sorry, I’ve just been really busy!)

A CISCO vehicle was parked very precariously along Upper East Coast Road, as follows. I don’t know the traffic rules, but apparently this is illegal, and kind of dangerous.

So my brother called the Police, who told him to call LTA, I think- who said that they would issue a summons. I believe my brother even jokingly asked whether they were really going to do anything about it, and asked if he should put pictures on Facebook- to which whoever answered supposedly said, Sure, carry on, go ahead.

Well, my brother returned that night, and noticed that the Cisco vehicle had reversed a little. But wait, there’s more! Can you see it?

There’s a traffic summons! Wow, Cisco is really on the ball, huh? But wait…

Notice anything special about the summons? Let me get a close up:

Aiyoyo! Nothing on the slip! Wayang only! Now I’m curious- are all Cisco officers allowed to have this kind of wayang summons? Is this a one-off case, or is there a system of I-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine? I’m not personally too bothered by this because I don’t drive, but I imagine a lot of Singaporean drivers are going to have a lot to say about this one…

25 thoughts on “CISCO wayang level: Over 9000!

  1. No, it’s not wayang but an exhibition – to show us what will happen when a vehicle is parked illegally and gets a summon. LOL!

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  4. Isn’t this considered cheating? Just like folding of coupon tabs. They go around shouting at drivers and they are cheating themselves. OMG!

  5. In the mornings, you can regularly see a few bikes from them park at a certain petrol station at Stevens Road chobo, tok cok sing song there.

  6. placed them in stomp would be better… anyway if i not wrong cisco under temasek holdings( pardon me if i am wrong).. so indirectly is govt own agency…

  7. Firstly no parking within x m of junction, 2ndly no parking facing oncoming traffic! Btw i always keep a bright yellow wheel clamp in my boot for whenever i need to create a new parking lot in the mall. Sometimes capitamalls even ask me to clamp my car at a conspicious location for other drivers to see that they mean business!

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