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If “politics malfunctions if the PAP fails to deliver”, then we’re already screwed.

S’pore can’t go down ‘red vs blue’ path: PM Lee (Image Credit: TODAYonline) I’m thankful that PM Lee has moved away from his past rhetoric, which I thought was rather unbecoming of a Head of State: “What is the Opposition’s … Continue reading

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One man’s potentially revolutionary effects on Singaporean education.

  I have a challenge for you. You are to speak for 3 hours about what it means to be Singaporean. Whatever you like, really. Perhaps you could talk about our past, our present, and our future. About the tangibles … Continue reading

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Straits Times Fail 08: Inappropriate Use Of Picture

Image courtesy of Hani Mohamed. November 19 2012. I generally try to avoid talking about Israel/Palestine conflict because I feel like it’s an overly complex phenomenon that I’m not well-informed enough to comment on. This is a clear and flagrant … Continue reading

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Straits Times Fail 07: “Prestigious Schools”

Halfway through “Straits Times Fail 06″, I saw this on my Facebook wall- and I decided to work on this first, because it’s a lot simpler and much more straightforward. Yes, in some people’s eyes, some schools are prestigious, some … Continue reading

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Straits Times Fail 05: Same Old Shit Again

I first “launched” this blog when my (now defunct) WordPress post about The Straits Times’ statistical manipulation went viral. Straits Times Fail 01: Manipulating Statistics Straits Times Fail 02: Watering Down Your Opinions Straits Times Fail 03: Heavily Modifying Your … Continue reading

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On the banning of Sex.Violence.Family Values

Sex. Violence. Family Values. This is a film. Part of the film depicts a Chinese director mocking an Indian actor. The film has been banned, receiving an NAR rating (Not Allowed For All Rating). I will show the preview here, … Continue reading

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The constant refinement of voice.

I wrote an angry, emotional blog post last night, laden with expletives and vitriol. It wasn’t one of my better moments. I read my post again with a clearer mind, and I didn’t like it. I thought I was being … Continue reading

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