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No. We don’t need to create “real space” for our students.

Image by Richard Li So I opened up the papers for the first time in a long time, and I saw something on the front page that reminded me of a lot of frustration I experienced when I was growing … Continue reading

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Ray Bradbury – The Martian Chronicles

I bought The Martian Chronicles at a library book sale. I’ve been to 3 sales so far. I believe I bought it in either the first or second. It’s been sitting on my shelf for a while. I had read Farenheit … Continue reading

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building the story

an idea has been tossing around my head for years and years and I plan to get started on it after my a’s- which is to write a singaporean story/stories that attempts to capture what it’s like to grow up … Continue reading

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October 2012

I have many thoughts on my mind, and sometimes they immobilize me. So I should start by writing them down. 1: I’d like to have a summary of my life. A detailed memoir or autobiography is a rather ambitious undertaking, … Continue reading

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Cpt. Choi Yongcong: In Polite and Vehement Objection to ‘Singaporeans Too Weak? LOL’ – For all our NSFs/NSmen past, present, future.

Ever since PTE Lee Rui Feng Dominique Sarron passed away in an unfortunate training incident, there has been a flurry of discussions and comments. I watched first with interest, then frustration, and then finally anger. Anger that we’ve trivialized the … Continue reading

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