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URA following rules only, but being very stupid (in my opinion)

Have you heard the news? Check it out here: URA sees red over graffiti art on shophouse. What is the purpose of conservation?¬†In Mass Effect 3, the Reapers (alien robot monsters) claim that they’re protecting us from ourselves when they … Continue reading

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Write Till You Drop, by Annie Dillard

Write Till You Drop By ANNIE DILLARD People love pretty much the same things best. A writer looking for subjects inquires not after what he loves best, but after what he alone loves at all. Strange seizures beset us. Frank … Continue reading

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Lawrence Wong says nice things, but let’s move forward also lah

Read the entire note on Facebook here: When the British royal couple came to visit, PA and HDB organised an event at Queenstown to give them a glimpse of the diverse activities in our heartlands. Singaporeans young and old volunteered … Continue reading

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Standard Deviation

Standard deviation is a measure of statistical dispersion. It’s the square root of variance. We take the square root because then we can express it in the same unit as the data. We commonly use it to measure confidence in … Continue reading

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Why is there nothing in A Level Economics about commercial banks?

Here’s something I’ve been quite frustrated about. As I’ve revisited “A” Level Economics, I still understand next to nothing about commercial banks. I learnt a theoretical framework for how consumers make purchasing decisions. We learn about elasticity of demand- how … Continue reading

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Contemplating the Universe

One of the most amazing things that the human mind is able to do is to contemplate the¬†Universe. Now, few of us are really able to visualize it accurately. (Maybe concepts of accuracy just break down when we’re talking about … Continue reading

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Staggering ignorance and homophobia on Yahoo Comments

Yahoo: ‘Political courage needed on issue of gay rights’ Good article from Andrew; horrible ignorance in the comments. 1: Homosexuality is not a “lifestyle” or a “way to live”. And even if it were, nobody has a monopoly over what … Continue reading

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