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Freakonomics- Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner I first read Freakonomics when I was still in secondary school, and I think it may have been the catalyst of the revival of my interest in books. It viciously attacks conventional … Continue reading

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Spiritual Atheism: What is life?

What is life? Most of us think of it in terms of biology- plants, animals, fungi and bacteria. By such strict definitions, conventional viruses aren’t exactly alive. I find it interesting to break away from this limited perspective, to broaden … Continue reading

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Vision: To contribute to human welfare by diminishing ignorance

I want to contribute to human knowledge and welfare. How does one do that? There’s a central structure at the root of it all, like a hive of sorts. A contribution does not have to be quantitative, the greatest value … Continue reading

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Bill O’Reilly makes me sick.

Have not felt this angry in a while.

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losing my mind

A terrible thing happened to me in the second week of my confinement period- I lost my mind. Not all of it, of course- just a little, but it hurt nevertheless. I kept this piece of my mind outside of … Continue reading

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My Mass Effect Experience

I want to talk about Mass Effect. I first started when I played Mass Effect 2 on my friend’s Playstation 2. As with Dragon Age, I wasn’t supposed to care. I wasn’t supposed to get emotionally invested. I never cared … Continue reading

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What are your opinions on foreign talent in Singapore?

I got asked this question on EDMW- “What are your opinions on foreign talent coming into SG? Do you think they are “stealing jobs from locals” like what majority of people are saying? (Basically your entire view on FT and … Continue reading

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