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The Impossible List

Inspired by Joel and Steve. What’s on this list? Stuff you want to do with your life. Stuff you want to do, but have told yourself is “impossible” Stuff you want to do, but someone else told you was impossible. 1 … Continue reading

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Sleeping during BMT and Signals

I haven’t been feeling too good these past few days. My mouth is dry, my eyes are burning (slightly). I went to bed at around 7 or 8pm, and I woke up at 10pm- so I figured I’d write and … Continue reading

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How I learnt to love Mass Effect 3’s ending, pre-Extended Cut DLC

The message is this: You don’t always get to choose the cards you’re dealt, but you get to choose how you play the hand. Everything might return to nothingness in the end, and your choices may have no consequence on … Continue reading

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successfully took precautions + waking up early

Just yesterday, I was feeling down because I had wasted hours online and barely got any actual studying done, despite my attempts to limit myself. I felt like beating myself up. But I decided to recognize that loop, and instead … Continue reading

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What would Lee Kuan Yew be like if he were born in 1990?

I often feel like we don’t explore Lee Kuan Yew’s personality enough. His swag. He used to smoke, drink and hang out with lawyers, criminals, academics and communists. His white-washed political persona is far less interesting. He was once a … Continue reading

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Teacher Cannot Shave Head One! Unprofessional! Parents will make noise!

Updated in September 2014, mostly formatting and simplifying things. Simple question: Can a teacher shave her head as a symbol of support children with cancer? Yes, but no. I’ve heard this story from two different teachers in two different schools … Continue reading

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7 Important Things I’ve Learnt

During my 2 years of National Service, I began what I called the 90 Week Project. I had heard many horror stories from men wiser and more mature than myself, and they described how easy it was to lose one’s … Continue reading

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