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Productivity: I vomited words with a pen faster than I transcribed them online

Doing beats talking I’ve always paid lip-service to productivity- it’s mostly an attempt to convince myself to be productive. I figured that if you think about it and talk about it long and hard enough, eventually it seeps into your … Continue reading

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Reclaiming the Singaporean Narrative

We live in exciting times. The most exciting times in human history so far. The industrial revolution was a big deal, but what we’re going through now is even bigger- and a lot of us on the ground don’t really … Continue reading

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PAP Superdominance

In a strange way, I sometimes feel that the PAP, our former liberators, have turned into our oppressors- much like the pigs in Animal Farm, or pretty much every other regime that overstays its welcome. “You either die a hero … Continue reading

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Language Is Beautifully Flawed

Language is a beautiful creature, full of redundancies and flaws. Every word of every language carries with it thousands of years of history, imagery, sound and colour. It is a living organism that grows, evolves, mutates and adapts. Who decides … Continue reading

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On entrepreneurship, and who I write for.

People who attend entrepreneurship workshops, I feel, are probably from a very specific subset of people. Singapore needs more entrepreneurship, the world needs more entrepreneurship. Take charge, build and design the life you want for yourself. Live your dream, it’s … Continue reading

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decluttering realizations

Decluttering all my stuff from Junior College and before. It is proving to be a very emotional experience. I realize how much I have conveniently forgotten or swept under the carpet, to make things psychologically convenient. It’s so interesting to … Continue reading

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What would you do if you could do anything you wanted?

It’s 2:16 am and I can’t sleep. I should have been asleep at least 2 hours ago- I need to wake up early tomorrow, to study for my A Levels. But I can’t- because my mind is being a little … Continue reading

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