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No U-Turn Syndrome (NUTS) by Sim Wong Hoo [1999]

Excerpts from No U-Turn Syndrome (NUTS) Chaotic Thoughts from the Old Millenium by Sim Wong Hoo (Emphasis Mine. – Visa) Introduction: In the US, when there is no sign on the road, it means that you can make a U-turn. … Continue reading

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Junior College sucked for me.

It occurs to me that there are quite a few JC students who read my blog. Someone linked to one my articles, writing “I wish my parents would read this.” That blew my mind a little bit- it made me … Continue reading

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Why Singapore will transcend PAP super-dominance

The British transformed Singapore from a sleepy fishing town to a bustling trading port- but we eventually had to transcend them to move forward. What about the PAP? It’s always interesting how you have ideas like “literacy is the path … Continue reading

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Book Recommendation: Soul Made Flesh

Today’s Recommendation: Soul Made Flesh: The Discovery of the Brain–and How it Changed the World It’s a fascinating story about progress and discovery. This book taught me something about about success, about power play, about politics and about passion. It … Continue reading

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W5D3: Meeting With Sister

I did a bit of studying today- some general Economics revision, and some Probability when it comes to Mathematics. I have a long way to go. I should get started on other familiar things like Binomials and Mathematical Induction, and … Continue reading

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W5D2: Stand-up Comedy

Today I did something for the first time- I performed stand up comedy. I was terrified. I mean, I’ve been on stage many times before for many different reasons, but never specifically to tell jokes to an audience who came … Continue reading

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W5D1: A Beautiful Morning

This morning is beautiful, not because of anything intrinsic about the day itself, but because of the way I have begun it. And despite what some writers might say about beginning each day as a new day, today’s beginning is … Continue reading

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