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How To Win At Relationships

Some ‘radical’ theorists describe life as a game. This can seem simplistic or even dangerous, but I think it’s really just misunderstood. “Game” is a loaded word that means different things to different people. To most laypersons, games are trivial, … Continue reading

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Nobody Actually Wants You To Be Yourself

Some of my friends describe me as a megalomaniac. I can’t refute that, because it’s a valid assessment that I ought to pay careful attention to, and learn from. To be is to be perceived. (I love and adore these … Continue reading

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How do we get Singaporeans to look out for each other?

For quite a long time, I’ve been meaning to blog about how I’ve noticed that Singaporeans are starting to stick to the left on escalators in MRT stations. Once I was going to Sembawang Camp and I had to take … Continue reading

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A List Of My Favourite Things: Movies

Movies: 20: X-Men: First Class 19: Monty Python and the Holy Grail 18: Scent of a Woman 17: Love, Actually 16: The Incredibles 15: The Black Swan 14: The Game 13: Fight Club 12: The Dark Knight 11: That Pixar … Continue reading

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When you smell the curry…

The other day, me and a group of friends met for coffee and conversations. These meet-ups are spontaneous rather than scheduled- sometimes we have several of them in a week, sometimes once a month. At the end of one such … Continue reading

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Good policy marred by bad politics from MP Gan Thiam Poh

It’s true that it’s better to have too many orders than none at all. But why would you say that? To assert that after getting business owners to make sacrifices is like saying- “Hey, I’m about to make your life … Continue reading

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Who is responsible for the integration of foreigners?

Just who is responsible for making integration happen? Let’s call the international student X and Singaporean society Y (for convenience.) Y would be justified in saying that it doesn’t owe X anything. Y would be content to be left well … Continue reading

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