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Gamification: The Power of Chains and Combos

Chains and combos are strings of actions or events that flow smoothly from one into another. Once initiated (in fighting games), we’re looking at a series of attacks that cannot be interrupted. They are impressive to behold, because they typically … Continue reading

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SS01: Defining ‘Education’

The meaning of schools and education has changed over time. We tend to think of education in a limited sense- go to an academic institution, acquire knowledge as if it were a commodity, develop certain skills that are demanded in … Continue reading

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Things To Do [2012]

This is it. No more hiding, no more cowering in fear. This is the post- or the series of posts, the system and the philosophy that I have been putting together for months now, possibly even years. It’s not an … Continue reading

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Conquer the Challenge of Creation (…and Writing)

I have a problem- or a challenge, if you will. A situation where the status quo is undesirable, and it is as follows- I can’t write. At least, I don’t write as much as I’d like to. I’d like to … Continue reading

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Gamifying Education + Can We Make People Care?

Games People Play It’s interesting to listen to what people talk about: girls talking about fashion, boys talking about sports and video games. The specific details are usually a complete mystery to anybody outside of that particular loop, and necessarily … Continue reading

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Disparity in tertiary education facilities

I refer to¬†Disparity in tertiary education facilities¬†on TODAYonline, by Kwek Jian Liang. It’s an interesting article and perspective. The writer is a JC student who bemoans that ITE facilities appear to be more lavish than what we get in most … Continue reading

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Kiasuism at the Museum

Yesterday I went to the National Museum to check out the Dreams and Reality exhibition, which I’d been meaning to for quite a while now. I’ll admit, the idea of seeing Van Gogh’s Starry Night in the flesh was the … Continue reading

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