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006- ramblings for progress

More rambling time. Let’s contemplate the evolution of social ideas for a bit- how cultural shifts happen. They’re really complex things of course, and I don’t want to get into all the specific details- there are many people far more … Continue reading

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3 Phases: Accumulation, Reflection, Creation

I feel like I could reasonably split my life into three phases (so far). The first phase is the phase of accumulation. We’re talking from early childhood to adolescence- the longest phase yet. Calvin and Hobbes, Enid Blyton. Science. History. … Continue reading

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What I Learnt From Basic Military Training.

BMT was a fun, interesting and rather meaningful experience for me. Unlike most soldiers, I only experienced it after already having served for over a year as a non-combatant. So I had the privilege of being less lost, confused and … Continue reading

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The To-Write List

- How Bruno Mars won me over- I used to think of him as an annoying ladies man wannabe, but I now think of him as a fun-loving musician. – The Facebook ‘Like’- do you remember what Facebook was like … Continue reading

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Transcending the limitations that we impose on ourselves: Our Identities.

Who are you? What are you like? What do you like? What do you do? Simple questions to ask, but complex ones to answer. There are many reasons why it’s difficult to quit smoking. There’s the chemical high, which is … Continue reading

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Is it okay for guys to cry?

The word “cry” is like the word “love” or the word “friend”. What does it mean? Different things to different people. I tear up a little easier than some stoic manly men I know, but it doesn’t affect my functioning … Continue reading

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004- What NS taught me about transience

I’ve had some pretty unique opportunities in my life to experience things that not all of my peers do. My National Service has been a bit of an interesting and bumpy ride, and for some pretty unusual reasons. Most interestingly … Continue reading

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