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is the human race fucked beyond measure?

I always feel that desiring power shouldn’t have to be mutually exclusive with making the world a better place. Everyone wants a bigger piece of the pie, but the best way to do that is to help expand the pie … Continue reading

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transactive memory and being a part of something greater

I like to think that almost every single thing in the universe is a part of something greater than itself, and I think as social creatures we have a very strong impulse to experience that- that’s why we enjoy working … Continue reading

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On regrets, fragility, certainty and forks in the road

Do you have any regrets? It’s one of those questions that’s thrown around so often that we don’t really think about it very much- we tend to develop stock responses and leave it at that. What does it mean, anyway, … Continue reading

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The Simple Yet Overlooked Truth About Self-Interest

A few days ago I was tasked with writing something along the lines of “What’s the defining moment of BMT for you?”. My immediate thought was that there is no single defining moment- it’s more of a “gradual” realization that … Continue reading

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Escaping from Ah Tiong Bahru, aka Singapore

A man I deeply admire- Mr. Alfian Sa’at- made a status update on Facebook yesterday that I simply couldn’t ignore: “The lack of PRC’s in KL is literally a breath of fresh air. These days I find this to be … Continue reading

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It’s not about you, by David Brooks

“Over the past few weeks, America’s colleges have sent another class of graduates off into the world. These graduates possess something of inestimable value. Nearly every sensible middle-aged person would give away all their money to be able to go back … Continue reading

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