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Thoughts 4- music, language, communication, biology, design, cross-discipline, simplicity

Okay I’ve thought about this for some time and I think I’ve made some progress, by comparing several different concepts and ideas and different sets of similar relationships between those ideas- the difference between C and A Minor seems startlingly … Continue reading

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I don’t have to write.

I don’t need to write. It is not an addiction, not a compulsion, I could stop at any time. I write because I like to. It makes me feel good. I can go without writing for quite some time. I … Continue reading

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The University Dilemma

2014 Update: I didn’t go to University in the end. All my applications were turned down. I ended up working for ReferralCandy. I love it. I seriously think that going to university after I complete my NS isn’t a very … Continue reading

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Week 24.

Wow, 6 more weeks and I’ll be done with a third of this movement! I want to keep this clear and succinct, and focus on what I’ve learnt so far, and what I’m implementing. The Sleep And Water Rule. This … Continue reading

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Figuring out the most important question.

What’s the most important question you can think of? Let me go through a few ideas: “Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go when we die?” None of these questions actually need to have … Continue reading

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is there anything at all about yourself that pisses you off? {:

That’s actually a very complex question, so I hope you don’t mind a slightly complex answer- I’ll try to keep it clear! There are things that I do that I disapprove of, that I find annoying. I am lacking in … Continue reading

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My Vision For Singapore, by Gayle Goh

(Emphasis mine! -Visa) People have asked me what my vision of Singapore is.  But I think I first have to lay out my vision of its people – people who are no longer stranded in the boxes of an impersonal … Continue reading

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