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Why nobody gives up their seats, and how to fix that.

Why do we ask people to give up their seats? To achieve “efficient seat distribution”- an outcome where the seats on a bus or train go to the people who need them the most.  I like the idea of efficient … Continue reading

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Week 22. [ Last Of 2010! ]

TLDR: Let go of things, especially trivial arguments Discard things that cease to be valuable I’ve been going kinda easy on myself for a while, I haven’t been indulging in the sort of intense reflection that I plan to make … Continue reading

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There are no bad experiences.

There are no bad experiences. Getting your leg blown off would suck. Getting raped is a terrible, traumatic thing. There are few injustices more terrible than being charged for a crime you didn’t commit. All of those are terrible things … Continue reading

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The Lumberjack, The Major and The Conductor

A familiar parable: The wise lumberjack knows that the most important thing he needs to do before he fells a tree is to sharpen his axe. (Also, to be in good physical condition, a clear state of mind and to … Continue reading

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Plans And Purpose: Now How?

TL;DR: Not interesting in academia want to connect people across different worlds not really interested in “who created the universe”, more interested in solving current problems I’ve realised that I’m not very interested in academia. It seems to me to … Continue reading

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Straits Times Fail 01: Statistical Manipulation

SINGAPORE students have done well in their studies. The Ministry of Education (MOE) released the breakdown by ethnic groups on Monday which showed significant progress made in GCE O and A-levels examinations over the past 10 years. The biggest improvement … Continue reading

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Things I’d Like To Work On

A blog is an interesting place, an interesting thing to be responsible for, an interesting medium, a vehicle for thought and expression. Blogging- for now, at least- isn’t really the best way for me to express my thoughts and ideas … Continue reading

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