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The Smile Experiment: What happens when you force yourself to smile at strangers?

A lot of behaviour is infectious. Right? We have mirror neurons that light up in our brains when we see people doing things, and it resonates with us somehow. Apparently this may be the basis for empathy. Yawning is very, … Continue reading

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How to save Singapore.

Alan Shadrake is, in my opinion, an idiot. John Locke would’ve described him as a rational madman, a person who follows sound, logical steps- from false premises. (This also applies to Chee Soon Juan.) I think his ideas and perspectives … Continue reading

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New Year Resolutions 2011

TLDR: Save money, reading schedule, blog, smoke less, drink water, journal, build habits, meditate, declutter, play music. === There’s still a month and a half before the new year- I’m going to consider this a sort of grace period, wherein … Continue reading

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What I’ve learnt this year.

This year I’ve developed a better understanding of how my mind works, how society works, how ideas and social epidemics work, how context can change everything. This year I learnt that conventional argument is worthless, that it does more harm … Continue reading

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Why I believe in people.

I sometimes get asked, “Visa, why are you so optimistic/deluded? Why do you believe in people? Why do you care about people? What’s the point? Why bother, when you’ll only get hurt and disappointed?” The reasoning is as follows: 1: … Continue reading

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