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Self-Assessment: goals, routines, habits and hesitation

Time for a bit of introspective reflection and philosophical spring cleaning! Online Productivity: I’ve gotten a Grooveshark account and made a playlist of music that I like. This makes me really happy, because now I have an awesome soundtrack of … Continue reading

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snippets of memoirs

I’m an ordinary guy. I found school to be generally boring and uninspiring, so I almost never did any homework, often cut classes and underperformed my whole life. I’m skinny, gangly and awkward looking. None of my clothes fit me, most … Continue reading

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finding non-directed purpose

Okay let’s have some stream-of-consciousness style thinking and writing going on here. Our conventional ideas about ideas are fundamentally flawed. Ideas are often described like they’re flashes of insight, sudden jolts of inspiration- the familiar imagery of the light bulb … Continue reading

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Sex in the ACJC

“A steamy sex video of two first-year female students caused an uproar in Anglo-Chinese Junior College recently,” The Straits Times reports (Otober 8 2010, Page A3), “leading to the duo leaving the school.” “The students were said to have had … Continue reading

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@Lord_Voldemort7 lays the SMACKDOWN on @perezhilton

“I received a large number of response to a tweet I wrote about @perezhilton. My comment, for those that did not see it was: “Perez Hilton is telling people not to bully. Has he read his website? That’d be like … Continue reading

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