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How to deal with an existential crisis.

Imagine that you’re having a walk that’s generally unremarkable, in an unremarkable locale, surrounded by unremarkable people. Nothing unusual going on. Suddenly, you are impaled by a poisoned arrow. Your world plunges into chaos. “Who shot me?” you cry out. “Why?” … Continue reading

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Marginal differences make a difference

Updated 2014. It’s interesting how we categorize people into smokers and non-smokers. You’re in or you’re out, with us or against us, black or white. Whether you smoke a stick a day or a pack a day, you’re a smoker. This, in my opinion, … Continue reading

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I have some questions for you.

Are you physically fit? Healthy? Are your eyes, teeth, heart, back, knees, ears in good shape? How would it feel if you lost the function of any of them? Do you savour the air you breathe, the water you drink … Continue reading

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Work hard? Me? But I’m Gifted!

2014 summary: Used to be a minimum-effort student who was proud of how little effort I needed to get by. Now wish I had learnt to work hard instead. – I got full marks for pretty much everything before I got into … Continue reading

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Falling sick sucks, but here’s how you make it awesome:

I am sick as I write this- literally physically ill, with a throat infection. I often seem to fall sick more than the average person, and I get throat infections especially often. I think I fall sick more often in … Continue reading

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On Efficiency

Efficiency gives me pleasure, and inefficiency bothers me, often making me irritable and frustrated. This might sound like a strange idea, coming from me. “But Visa,” I hear you say, “you’re one of the most inefficient people I’ve ever met!” … Continue reading

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My name is Visa, and I want

to be absolutely honest, heart-wrenching, torn and true to burn with fiery passion, to glow an unearthly hue like Lennon and McCartney, Springsteen, Dylan and Cash but it doesn’t come quite freely, it seems the hardest thing to do. I … Continue reading

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